Chujun Lin, Lab Director
Chujun is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at UCSD (starting July 01, 2023). She completed her Ph.D. in social science at the California Institute of Technology in 2019, and her postdoctoral training in social psychology at Dartmouth College in 2023. Chujun's work focuses on how people infer others’ enduring traits via both dubious shortcuts (e.g. faces) and meaningful signals (e.g., emotions), and how biases in these trait inferences impact consequential real-world decisions (e.g., in politics, media, and science). When not science-ing, Chujun enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and singing.
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Yue Xu, Grad Student, Co-advised with Adolphs Lab
Yue is a graduate student in collaboration with the Adolphs Lab at Caltech. She is using data driven methods to define states and traits from human behavioral data collected from questionnaires and tasks. She completed her Bachelor’s degree of Science in computer science with a double major in physics and a minor in neural computation at Carnegie Mellon University in 2019. During her free time, Yue likes to cook, ice skate, practice piano, and hike.
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Turner Lin Halaska, Lab Mascot
Turner is a full-time German Shorthaired Pointer, who alternates between "Velcro" and "Hunter". Turner obtained his Ph.D. (Pretty happy Dog) degree from Good Dogma Canine Rehabilitation and Training Center in New Hampshire in 2022. He is interested in applying state-of-the-art computational models to predict the motions of furry and feathery creatures. Outside of science, Turner enjoys hiking, sniffing, delicious treats, and swimming - he held several impressive records of swimming across the Connecticut River between New Hampshire and Vermont for his favorite chicken coops.